How Collaboration Strengthens Comprehensive Security

Corporate security programs have become more prominent than ever due to cyber security threats and the rise of wealthy startup companies. In addition to corporate security programs, many individuals have taken it upon themselves to implement personal security protocols at home. With personal security systems becoming easier to quickly set up and put into action, more and more people are integrating these into their routines. (Think Ring doorbells, Nest home security, etc.) The fact that both companies and individual users are becoming more aware of the importance of security is great, but the problem lies in the lack of communication between corporate security teams, internal employees, and even estate security, (i.e. home security systems, estate staff such as childcare, housekeeping, grounds keeping, etc.).

As executives and c-suite professionals become increasingly prominent in society, increase wealth, and build a stronger reputation, the ever changing risk of personal security shifts proportionately as well. Ensuring the comprehensive security of individuals at work and at home requires a team of trained professionals to monitor potential threats. A properly trained executive protection professional will work with the principal’s private team of estate staff such as housekeeping, groundskeepers, and childcare professionals to ensure that every person on premise is thoroughly background checked and cleared to ensure the utmost safety.

By collaborating with estate staff and other internal staff members such as HR, administrative, and IT personnel, cross functional communication is improved which means that everyone is on the same page with security protocols. As communication regarding security improves, the security program that is implemented becomes more effective.

For example, when an administrative assistant makes travel arrangements for an executive, they may unknowingly leave the executive exposed to cyberthreats. Most people don’t think much of it because so much of what we do is online, yet from the moment you go online to book a trip until you return safely home, you touch a lot of things that carry potential security risks. Proper corporate travel arrangements are made with security protection in mind. With that said, many executive assistants aren’t trained on these specifications. Having an executive protection team that partners with internal assistants ensures that travel arrangements are booked according to schedule and according to proper security protocols.

A successful business allocates resources based on efficiency. Each person and or department holds a different expertise, and cross departmental collaboration is what leads to success. Many internal employees know the ins and outs of the company, but are unsure of how to implement security protocols. This is why it is crucial to have an executive protection team that partners with internal staff such as human resources and IT professionals to build a customized security approach based on unique company needs and company culture!

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