CAI Purchases Masks to Support Small Businesses and Local First Responders

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Amidst these uncertain times and the COVID pandemic, Cooke & Associates wanted to find a way to protect our staff as well as our local first responders while also supporting the small business community. Through a partnership with Watch 3 Apparel and Cassaras, we were able to purchase custom branded “Police”, “Investigator”, and “Security” masks. In addition, we were able to secure “Fire” and “Essential” branded face coverings from Side Action Apparel.

Watch 3 Apparel was founded by law enforcement and their loved ones, and donates 5% of all sales at the end of every year to numerous charities who support fallen officers and their families. Side Action Apparel was founded by a former Marine and a current 20 year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), and creates all products in-house in the USA. Cassaras is a Northern California clothier that actively supports the public safety community and provide suits to detectives and investigators throughout the Bay Area.

In a time when many small business have been faced with unforeseen challenges, we are thrilled that we could support these great companies who are positively impacting the community!

Check out the images below with some of our trusted industry partners at the San Mateo Police Department, Harbor Bay Isle Security, Daly City Police Department, San Pablo Police Department, and Oakland Fire Department!

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