For over 30 years, Harry has worked in the corporate security, investigations and executive protection arena serving in various roles such as Global Security Director for an international Life Sciences company, and Regional Security Manager for The Americas, Europe and the Middle East for a globally recognized financial organization. In addition, he has served as a liaison between fortune 500 corporations and various government agencies  including the Department of Homeland Security, the Food and Drug Administration and OSHA. 

Throughout his career, Harry has received highly specialized training from both government and private agencies. He is a graduate of Wharton University's Security Executive Program, both the Department of Justice and R.L. Oatman & Associates' Dignitary Protection programs, as well as formal law enforcement training from various Federal, state and local agencies. Harry has been a guest speaker for various organizations including the Department Justice, California Association of Licensed Investigators and the Pacific Northwest Investigators Association in addition to being interviewed by various media outlets. Harry is an internationally recognized Certified Business Continuity Professional. 


Over the past three decades, Harry has served foreign presidents, political figures, internationally recognized corporations and their brands, sports figures, celebrities and other prominent and at-risk members of the community.  Through the years, Harry has cultivated a unique skillset of risk mitigation and protection strategies which aptly serve an ever-changing environment. His grasp of the latest developments in protections and technology combined with his deep understanding of corporate culture, lets him identify, develop, and implement programs to provide value added, results driven risk mitigation services.



Our approach has allowed Cooke & Associates' clients to be successful while maintaining a balance between security and company culture. We develop a collaborative, long-term relationship with each of our clients, to reduce risk and provide their employees with best experience possible in a safe environment.

Our approach is based on three simple deliverables:
We use risk mitigation strategies to identify and assess vulnerabilities or potential gaps facing any operation. Our goal is to be proactive, identify potential issues, and create solutions for any unique challenges you may face - before it becomes an issue. 
We partner with our clients to understand expectations, needs, operational requirements, brands, and company culture. We then develop a strategy that is based on vulnerabilities, best practices cutting edge technology, and proven solutions. 
From a holistic approach, we deliver a tailored and scalable solution that matches current needs and allows room for future growth. We believe in delivering solutions that exceed mandated requirements and contribute to overall success. 
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