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Executive Protection and Surveillance in CA

Cooke & Associates, Inc. is an aggressive “Boutique” investigative firm that prides itself on a strong record of surveillance results and protection of people who are in danger in CA.

For nearly a decade we have provided quality service to Security Managers and Directors. We understand the challenges you face and know how to overcome those challenges.

We understand the importance of and take proper steps to maintain high standards. We approach every investigation as a systematic examination of the facts to determine the truth. Our company is able to respond quickly to your needs. We do the job right the first time.

Our Executive Protection in CA provides protection for those whose safety is at risk. No one has ever been injured while under our care.

Our Surveillance Investigations in CA uncover, solidify and document accurate facts. These facts allow our clients to resolve issues in an expedient manner and develop a winning strategies. We are your surveillance and executive proection specialist.

When the need arises for quality Surveillance or Executive Protection in CA you can count on Cooke & Associates.

Why You Should Choose Us… You Can Trust Experience

Trust | Surveillance CA width=One of the most important decisions you will make is to hire an investigative agency that is reputable and has years of experience and knowledge—an agency that does what it says and stands behind its word as well as its work.

We are such an agency. We are one of the few agencies owned and managed by a former member of a law enforcement dignitary protection unit. We have years of industry related experience. This experience affords our clients the opportunity to utilize our collective experience for their benefit.

We provide our clients unparalleled service, professionalism, integrity, diligence and ethics.

Surveillance Investigations

We are your surveillance and investigative specialist.Gain Critical Information. Make Better Decisions. Win More Cases.

Our Surveillance Services Include

  • Pre-surveillance background investigations — These investigations provide valuable intelligence about the subject and saves time and money during surveillance.
  • Skip tracing — Allows us to locate subjects for service of process.
  • Pre-employment background searches — Better ensure quality hires.
  • Surveillance — Video that provides undisputable facts you require.
  • Interviews: Provides additional information to assist the investigation and handle claims.
  • Witness statements — Determines what actually occurred.

Worker’s Comp.

We help you expose fraud; bring the issue to resolution and save money.

We Provide You

  • Knowledge if claimants’ injuries and activities are consistent with the claim.
  • A factual depiction of what is really going on.
  • Knowledge of inconsistencies that may positively change the outcome of the claim.
  • Information if subject has possible or suspected employment.


We Increase Your Knowledge of the Issue

  • We pursue new information to assist you in gaining a clear account of what is going on.
  • We work with legal counsel to ensure proper strategy is employed.
  • We provide an additional perspective to ensure the scope of the investigation is appropriate.


We Obtain Evidence of Time and Product Theft.

Stop Theft | Executive Protection CAWe Help You

  • Know who is going where and when.
  • Know what someone is doing during work hours.
  • Know why overtime costs are up with outside staff.
  • Plan and execute an undercover operation that will identify where theft is occurring with both time and product.
  • Monitor the activity of the theft with proper surveillance so you have a record that will stand up in court.
  • Interview involved parties and witnesses.
  • Set up and conduct polygraphs when appropriate and legal to further help your case.

Due Diligence

Protect your company’s image and interest

We Help You Learn

  • The background of prospective and current employees.
  • What activities key people in a merger are engaged in away from work, which if made public could damage your company image and/or productivity.
  • Valuable information about the “other” company.
  • If there are any potential problems that you are not yet aware of that can effect a successful merger of the two businesses.

Threat from Hostile Termination

Protect employees.

We Provide You

  • Protection for those in danger.
  • Surveillance to monitor the activities of the person who is high risk, both pre and post termination.
  • Interface with Law Enforcement to ensure cooperation when necessary or desired.

Threat from Workplace Violence

Protect employees.

We Provide You

  • Protection for employees.
  • Surveillance to monitor the situation and the suspect’s actions and movements.
  • A review of programs and policies in respect to workplace violence.
  • The ability to coordinate with Law Enforcement to develop a response plan.

Threat from Domestic Violence

Protect your employees from domestic violence.

We Provide You

  • Protection for employees.
  • Surveillance to monitor the situation and the suspect’s actions and movements.
  • A review of programs and policies in respect to workplace violence.
  • The ability to coordinate with Law Enforcement to develop a response plan.

When you hire Cooke and Associates, Inc. to conduct a Surveillance Investigation you can rest assured we take every case seriously and obtain the video needed to reveal the facts. Your investigations are handled appropriately and delivered in a timely manner.

We take the time to review, assign and work each case individually to better ensure results. We approach every investigation as a systematic examination of the facts to determine the truth. All evidence is collected in a discreet manner and serves as undeniable proof. We obtain and deliver these facts in the form of concise, well-written reports and clear video. These facts can be used to create better strategies thusly reducing cost!

Our agents are experienced and handpicked. They pursue each case with professionalism, skill and enthusiasm. They are tenacious and innovative, and expertly capture the video evidence needed. Many of our staff members are bilingual.

What to Expect

We recognize that working together as a team allows us to achieve a higher level of success. Collaborating with us ensures we have everything necessary to best formulate an appropriate strategy and achieve the desired result for “our” case.

Upon Receiving Your Referral We

  • Review the provided information to determine if more information is needed and how to procure it.
  • Confirm receipt of the referral by the end of the next business day via e-mail or telephone.
  • Establish timeframe in which the case will be delivered.
  • Develop a strategically executed plan to best accomplish the goals of the case including: which investigators to assign, what hours and days to work, identify which special needs are to be focused upon, specific time constraints to keep your case on target and deliver results when promised.

During the Investigation We Will

  • Keep you updated via your preferred method of e-mail or telephone.
  • Provide direct access to our case manager.
  • Request additional work authority when necessary.

Upon completion of the Investigation We Will

  • Prepare, package and deliver the report and video evidence within the timeframe promised.
  • Make appropriate recommendations.
  • Develop a follow up plan when necessary

Executive Protection in CA

Safety in an unsafe world.

People feel safe under our watch.

When employees feel safe, their productivity will increase, and so will your profits.

Those under the watch of Cooke and Associates, Inc.’s Executive Protection in CA will feel safe. Our protective staff is highly trained, experienced, armed, plain clothed law enforcement and protection professionals. They work diligently and discreetly to ensure the safety of those placed in our care. When needed, our strong law enforcement association allows us to quickly interface with law enforcement on your behalf.

Security ServicesWhen there is a concern for safety we provide professional security personnel who:

  • Are experienced in providing a low profile approach to a high profile problem.
  • Are able to blend into your setting and move quietly and efficiently.
  • Have provided security to high level executives, City, State, Federal and International figures.

Our Security Services:

  • Covert Security Screening — This provides protection without knowledge of our presence or interruption of one’s life or productivity of work.
  • Protection at Events — Protection is provided for those in danger at any event, including open events. Those under our care are safe.
  • Protection from Workplace Violence — Employees will feel safe and productivity will continue.
  • Safety FirstProtection from Incidents Surrounding Hostile Terminations — Prevents an unpleasant situation from becoming dangerous. Protection during Mass Layoffs — Provides employee safety and prevents unnecessary work stoppage.
  • Protection during Travel — Allows mobility to occur without concern for safety.
  • Protection of Family, Clients and Employees — Provides safety and peace of mind.
  • Estate Protection — Dispels worry and allows normalcy of life to resume.
  • Courier Security for Items of Value — Valuables will arrive safe and on schedule.
  • Prevention of Kidnappings — Provides safety for those in jeopardy. No one has ever been injured while under our care.

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