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When you call Cooke and Associates, Inc. with your security concerns, our first priority is to ensure your safety. If your situation dictates immediate action we will immediately assign a protection agent to your location.

If you do not need immediate action, we will begin by discussing your security needs and answering your questions. Once we know all the pertinent information we will then take that information and prepare the best strategy to meet your security needs.

Once the strategy is developed, we meet with all involved units or department heads to review and approve this strategy. Once strategy approval is given, we put the protective plan in place, and at your direction, we interface with law enforcement on your behalf.

Our presence will be seamless and discreet.


private investigator service CaliforniaCooke and Associates Inc. is a “Boutique” investigative firm. This means we take the time to review, assign and work each case individually to better ensure accurate results. When we receive a referral from our client we review the provided information to determine whether or not we need more information, and the best way to go about getting that information; from our client, our own research done through subscribed databases, internet searches and social networks to name a few. We confirm our receipt of the referral no later than the following business day via e-mail, as well as establish the timeframe in which the case will be delivered.

We then develop a strategy as to how best accomplish the goals of the case including; which investigator/investigators to assign, what hours and days to work, what special needs to focus on during the assignment, as well as any specific time constraints to keep the case on track and the results delivered when promised. We know and understand that working together as a team allows us to achieve a higher level of success. Therefore, we request our clients to “collaborate” with our private investigators in CA. This action will ensure we have everything needed to best formulate an appropriate strategy and achieve the desired result for “our” case.

During the investigation we keep you updated via your preferable method of either e-mail or telephone. Upon completion of the surveillance, the report and video evidence is prepared, packaged and delivered to our client by the date promised. Rest assured that we take every case very seriously. We maintain high standards and do the job right the first time.

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