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Insurance Companies and Third Party Administrators

Decrease Claim Pay Outs and Increase Profits

Injured or Not?We obtain facts that can be used to create better strategies thusly reducing our clients cost!

For nearly a decade we have worked for insurance companies and third party administrators. We understand our clients’ needs and know how to fulfill them. All investigations are handled appropriately and delivered in a timely manner. We understand the importance of and take proper steps to maintain high standards. We do the job right the first time.

Cooke & Associates, Inc. is an aggressive “Boutique” investigative firm that prides itself on a strong record of getting results. We take every case seriously. We take the time to review, assign and work each case individually to better ensure results. We approach every investigation as a systematic examination of the facts to determine the truth. All evidence is collected in a discreet manner and serves as undeniable proof. We obtain and deliver these facts in the form of concise, well-written reports and clear video.

We provide quality surveillance investigative services. When there is a need for video evidence Cooke & Associates, Inc. will get the video.

We Provide Our Clients

Knowledge if claimants’ injuries and activities are consistent with the claim. A factual depiction of what is really going on. Knowledge of inconsistencies that may positively change the outcome of the case. Information if subject has possible or suspected employment. We Are Your Surveillance Specialists

Our Services


Our surveillance investigators are specialists in their field. They are highly skilled and handpicked. They pursue every case with professionalism, skill, tenacity and enthusiasm. They have vehicles that blend into unique environments and the proper equipment needed to obtain quality video. They conduct surveillance over the appropriate time period required to observe specific types of activities. When a claimant becomes active, our investigators document the activity with videotape coverage and stay with the individual until he or she becomes inactive. Any significant inconsistencies related to the claimant’s reported physical limitations are reported to the claims handler.


Our AOE/COE professional investigators are highly trained. They specialize in high profile, sensitive, major exposure cases. They will discover the truth!

Surveillance InvestigationsVIDEO

We provide quality videotape and concise, accurate reports. Videotapes include an hourly time-stamp that provides a record of continuous surveillance. Written reports are available in hard copy and e-mail, while video will be provided in VHS or DVD formats. We also have the ability to copy any company’s videotape for you.

What to Expect

We know and understand that working together as a team with our clients allows us to achieve a higher level of success. Therefore, we request that our client’s “collaborate” with us to ensure we have everything needed to best formulate an appropriate strategy and achieve the desired result for “our” case.

When we receive your referral we:

  • Review the provided information to determine whether we need more information, and if so how to obtain that information.
  • Confirm our receipt of the referral no later than the following business day via e-mail.
  • Establish a timeframe in which the case will be delivered.
  • Develop a strategy of how to best accomplish the goals of the case. This will include which investigator(s) to assign, what hours and days to work, what special needs are to be focused upon during the assignment, as well as any specific time constraints to keep the case on track and results delivered when promised.

We are your surveillance and investigative specialist.During the investigation we:

  • Update our clients via their preferred method of either e-mail or telephone.
  • Provide our clients direct access to our case manager.
  • When necessary, make requests for additional work authority.

Upon completion of the investigation we:

  • Prepare, package and deliver the report and video evidence within the timeframe promised.
  • Make appropriate recommendations.

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