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Cooke & Associates Executive Protection CAOur Foundation

Our Purpose

As a company we have two purposes; to protect people and keep them safe from harm and to follow and video people to reveal accurate facts that answer unanswered questions.

Our Mission

California executive protectionCooke and Associates, Inc. is dedicated to demonstrating high degrees of professionalism in each of the two disciplines of service that we provide. Our Executive Protection service in California provides safety for those under our care. This is accomplished by development of a comprehensive security plan and the use of experienced personnel to execute the plan. Our second discipline, being Surveillance Investigations, provides our clients a complete and accurate picture of the truth and gives them additional insight from which they can develop winning strategies and reduce cost. Pre-employment Background screening and uniformed Guard Service augment and enhance our services by providing proven preemptive strategies.

Our Values

When hiring Cooke & Associates you can expect integrity and reliability. We are duty bound to finding truth and providing security for our clients. Our investigative techniques are creative, thorough and innovative, while our security operations are thoughtfully planned and executed.

  • Integrity: Our treatment of Surveillance Investigations and Executive Protection are always handled with utmost honesty and ethics.
  • Reliable: When it really matters, our clients can count on us to deliver a quality work product in a timely manner, and provide for their safety and well being.
  • Duty Bound: We believe there is honor in the work we do, and therefore feel duty bound to go above and beyond what is expected.
  • Creative: Not every investigation can be handled the same way. When the investigation seems difficult we call upon our experience and creativity to find a way to achieve the objective.
  • Thoroughness: We execute every investigation and security operation with accuracy and attention to detail.
  • Innovative: We are innovators in both areas of our expertise. We do not allow ourselves to get stuck in the rut of doing things the same old way. We seek out and execute new ideas.

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