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Though most people are trustworthy, sadly this is not the case for all people. Several situations warrant the need for a private investigator in CA to conduct surveillance of a person or place. Getting all the facts and video evidence expedites various scenarios that may befall any person. While myths about private investigation exist, they should be dispelled. Private investigation and surveillance services are used by many people today for a variety of reasons.

Why you Might Need Surveillance in CA

There are several times when you might need to know what someone is doing. This does not mean that you are curious about what your pet does while you are away from work. Real surveillance in CA helps to stop fraud, theft and illicit dealings and aid in protection and security. Some employers use video surveillance to stop theft in their place of business. Another use of surveillance may be to watch if someone suspected of falsely claiming to be injured acts out of the bounds of the injury. For instance, someone with a back injury seen on surveillance video stooping over repeatedly while gardening may not have a true injury and has submitted a false claim. Anyone who needs to verify the honesty of others can benefit from a surveillance service.

Why you May Need a Private Investigator in CA

Surveillance in CA is conducted through private investigation services. These are not the typical PIs you may have seen on TV or in the movies. Modern private investigators in CA are polished professionals who do a thorough job and keep the client informed during the process. Many people hire private investigators prior to going to court to prepare a case or to find people who have gone missing or heirs named in a will. It's not just corporations, but regular people find uses for private investigators and their surveillance services.

There may be many myths about private investigators, but the truth is that they are experts in the field of surveillance and information gathering. They can improve hiring practices by conducting background checks on applicants or help a client determine the truth of a situation. Private investigators help to uncover the truth by obtaining evidence the client needs to find out exactly what really happened.

FAQ's - Surveillance InvestigationsQ. Are you licensed and insured?

A. We are licensed by the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Security and Investigative Services to conduct investigations in the state of California. We carry in excess of twice the legal requirements for insurance.

Q. Do you have bi-lingual investigators in CA?

A. Many of our investigators and support staff are bi-lingual in English and Spanish.

Q. What type of Investigative services do you provide?

A. While we specialize in surveillance, we also provide AOE/COE, research services, interviews and witness statements.

Q. What geographical areas do you cover?

A. While we are able to provide surveillance services throughout California, we primarily work in the following counties: Monterey, San Benito, Merced, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Stanislaus, San Joaquin, Sacramento, Yolo, Solano, Napa, Sonoma, Marin, San Francisco, Contra Costa, Alameda, and San Mateo. By agreement, we can assist you beyond these areas.

Q. How much will my investigation cost?

A. All investigations are different. After a discussion to learn your investigative needs, we will provide an estimate of the cost.

Q. What kind of research do you provide?

A. We provide supplemental research first and run a complete background check as needed. We routinely run searches of numerous public access websites, social networking sites, private investigator-only database sites, and court searches.

Q. Do you use sub-contractors?

A. Yes we do. They are a select group of qualified investigators who we know, trust, have close relationships with, and who work with us year round. The sub-contractors we use are carefully screened and interviewed, and go through a selection process much like an employee would. They undergo reference checks, review of video and report writing skills, and equipment checks. We never obtain investigators to work cases from the yellow pages, one of the PI association websites or a listserve.

Our clients would never know we have used a sub-contractor because the work product we deliver is seamless. The reason for this is that we utilize qualified, skilled and experienced investigators. We manage and strategize all cases from beginning to end.

Q. What if I want photographs instead of video?

A. In general, we always shoot video. We have the ability to pull still photos from our video. In almost all cases of surveillance, it is best to have video, because it captures both sides of an event, not just a moment in time that may be argued away in court or mediation.

Q. What if I want to have more than one investigator on my case?

A. We are capable and experienced at staffing and managing several multi-agent teams at the same time. We often assign more than one field agent to our surveillance. In some settings it is a functional requirement to achieve success that we use more than one agent. In these cases, agents are provided high quality Motorola walkie-talkie radios for improved and immediate communication.

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