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Executive ProtectionSafety In An Unsafe World
“You Are Safe Under Our Watch."

In today’s world, executives, high profile individuals and at-risk groups are faced with unprecedented corporate and personal risks that require a high level of security planning, coordination and executive protection in CA. Being protected while at work, home or during travel is paramount. The sophistication and determination of potential adversaries who exploit people, organizations and their families is real.

We minimize your risk while maximizing your protection and mobility.

As a result of our highly trained team of protective staff and our leadership, no one has been hurt under our care.

Our protective staff are business security professionals in CA who work diligently and discreetly to ensure the safety of those in our care.

Our protective staff members are armed, plain-clothed law enforcement and protection professionals. Our strong law enforcement association allows us to quickly interface with law enforcement on your behalf.

Are You

  • A senior executive or business leader who brings critical value to your organization yet exposes you and your family to potential threats? Are you and your family under-protected?
  • A high net worth, prominent individual who is a target for kidnapping, extortion and robbery? Are you and your family under-protected?
  • Part of an at risk group or organization that is a target for armed assaults, suicide bombers, kidnappings and other specific threats that impact your day-to-day operations and how you live your life? Are you, your family, employees or volunteers under-protected?
  • An attorney who has a client who is in danger? Are they or their family under-protected?
  • Is there violence or potential violence in your workplace? Do you and your employees need protection?

Our Executive Protection & Business Security Services in CA

  • Covert security screening – Life and work can continue without distraction.
  • Corporate events – Those under our care are safe, even at open events.
  • Protection from workplace violence – Employees will feel safe and productivity will continue.
  • Protection from incidents surrounding hostile terminations –Prevents an unpleasant situation from becoming dangerous.
  • Protection during mass layoffs – Employees will feel safe and work will continue without unnecessary stoppage.
  • Protection during travel – Allows mobility to occur without concern for safety.
  • Protection of Family and Employees – Provides safety and peace of mind concerning those in danger.
  • Estate Protection – Allows life to resume in a normal fashion without worry.
  • Courier security for items of value –Valuables will arrive safe and on schedule.
  • Prevention of kidnappings –Provides a feeling of and actual safety for those in jeopardy.


We Provide You

  • An accurate unbiased assessment of the situation.
  • A low profile approach to a high profile problem.
  • A well thought out comprehensive plan of action.
  • Professional executive protection personnel who blend into your setting and move with quiet efficiency allowing staff and customers to continue in a relaxed and comfortable environment.
  • Experienced protective personnel who have provided security to high level executives, city, state, federal and international figures.

Your safety is our number one goal.

Discreet Executive Protection California

Trust our Business Security Services in CAOne of the most important decisions you will make is to hire an investigative agency that is reputable and has years of experience and knowledge—an agency that does what it says and stands behind its word as well as its work.

We are such an agency. We are one of the few agencies owned and managed by a former member of a law enforcement dignitary protection unit. We have years of industry related experience. This experience affords our clients the opportunity to utilize our collective experience for their benefit.

We provide our clients unparalleled service, professionalism, integrity, diligence and ethics.


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